William C. Frederick's professional career spans a half century, following doctoral studies in economics and anthropology at the University of Texas-Austin. His principal scholarly work has been teaching, research, and writing about the social and ethical dimensions of business corporations. Much of his work has been devoted to multidisciplinary approaches employing economics, anthropology, socio-economics, moral development, philosophy, complexity theory, and the natural sciences of biology, physics, cognitive neuroscience, and evolutionary psychology. Reflecting these interests are his 1995 book Values, Nature, and Culture in the American Corporation (Oxford University Press); a 2006 book Corporation, Be Good! The Story of Corporate Social Responsibility; and editorial board memberships for The Academy of Management Review, Business Ethics Quarterly, and Emergence: Complexity and Organization. He has held leadership posts in scholarly professional associations in business ethics, management, and socio-economics. As a consultant to the Ford Foundation, he has conducted field studies of management education in Spain, Italy, Egypt, Hungary, and Yugoslavia; and in Australia for that nation’s government. For the University of Pittsburgh he has been advisor to business schools in Ecuador and Nigeria. He is presently Professor Emeritus of Business Administration in the Katz Graduate School of Business at the University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.