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Business & Society

Corporation, Be Good! The Story of Corporate Social Responsibility. 
2006. Dog Ear Publishing, Inc.

Business and Society: Corporate Strategy, Public Policy, Ethics. 
6th, 7th, 8th editions, 1988, 1992, 1996.  McGraw-Hill (Coauthors: Keith Davis, James Post, Anne Lawrence, James Weber

Business and Society: Management, Public Policy, Ethics. 
5th edition, 1984. McGraw-Hill (Coauthor: Keith Davis)

Business and Society: Concepts and Policy Issues. 
4th edition, 1980. McGraw-Hill (Coauthors:  Keith Davis, Robert Blomstrom)

Business Ethics: Research Issues and Empirical Studies
William C. Frederick & Lee E. Preston (Greenwich, CN: JAI Press, 1990)

Research in Corporate Social Performance and Policy, Volume 9
William C. Frederick & Lee E. Preston (Greenwich, CN: JAI Press, 1987)

Social Auditing: Evaluating the Impact of Corporate Programs.
1976.  Praeger (Coauthors: David Blake, Mildred S. Myers).  Japanese translation: Tokyo: Tuttle-Mori Agency, 1985

"Corporate Social Responsibility: Deep Roots, Flourishing Growth, Promising Future"
2008. In A. Crane, A. McWilliams, D. Matten, J. Moon, D Siegel (eds.), Oxford Handbook of Corporate Social Responsibility, Oxford University Press.

“Yes, Virginia, There Is a Corporate Social Responsibility.” 

“Do Corporations Have an Inherent Social Responsibility?”
Letter to the editor, Wall Street Journal, December 1, 2006:  A response to a WSJ op-ed article praising Milton Friedman

“Business and Society.”
2005 and 1997. In Patricia H. Werhane & R. Edward Freeman (eds.), Business Ethics, The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Management, 1st and 2nd editions. Blackwell Publishing, 54-56

“Business and Society.”
1998.  In Cary L. Cooper & Chris Argyris (eds.), The Concise Blackwell Encyclopedia of Management. Blackwell, 54-56

“Conceptual Foundations of Business: A Book that Made a Difference.”
1998. In Ronald F. Duska (ed.), Education, Leadership, and Business Ethics: Essays on the Work of Clarence Walton.  Kluwer Academic Publishers, 61-73

“Moving to CSR4: What to Pack for the Trip.”
1998. Business and Society, 37, 1: 40-59

“From CSR1 to CSR2: The Maturing of Business and Society Thought.”
1994. Business and Society, 33, 2: 150-164 “Coda: 1994.”1994. Business and Society, 33, 2: 165-166

“Theories of Corporate Social Performance.”
1987. In S. Prakash Sethi & Cecilia Falbe (eds.), Business and Society: Dimensions of Conflict and Cooperation. Lexington Books, 142-161

“Corporate Social Responsibility in the Reagan Era and Beyond.”
1983. California Management Review, 25, 3: 145-157.  Reprinted in Vernon Whitford (ed.), American Industry: The Reference Shelf.  1984. 55, 6: 211-226

"Public Policy Advertising and the 1980 Presidential Election."
1983. In Lee E. Preston (ed.), Research in Corporate Social Performance and Policy, vol. 5. JAI Press, 59-86. (Coauthor: Mildred S. Myers)

“Free Market versus Social Responsibility: Decision Time at the CED.”
1981. California Management Review, 23, 3: 20-28

“Auditing Corporate Social Performance: The Anatomy of a Social Research Project.”
1978. In Lee E. Preston (ed.), Research in Corporate Social Performance and Policy, vol. 1. JAI Press, 123-137

“The Hidden Politics of Social Auditing.”
1974. Business and Society Review, Autumn, 11: 49-53.  Reprinted in Robert L. Heilbroner & Paul London (eds.), Corporate Social Policy: Selections from Business and Society Review. 1975. Addison-Wesley, 253-258 (Coauthor: Mildred S. Myers)

“The Growing Concern over Business Responsibility.”
1960. California Management Review, 2, 4: 54-61

Business Ethics

Business Ethics: Research Issues and Empirical Studies.
1990.  JAI Press  (Co-editor: Lee E. Preston)

Research in Corporate Social Performance and Policy: Empirical Studies of Business Ethics and Values, vol. 9.
1987.  JAI Press.  Guest editor.

Foreword to Walter C. Wagner, Moral Capitalism and the Essential Economy.  
2006.  Stockton, CA: Wagner Book.

Foreword to Denis Collins, Behaving Badly: Lessons Learned From Enron. 
2006.  Indianapolis, IN: Dog Ear Publishing, Inc.

“Natural Business Ethics”
2008.  In Robert W. Kolb (ed.), Encyclopedia of Business Ethics and Society, Vol. 3, Sage Publications, 1479-80

2008.  In Robert W. Kolb (ed.), Encyclopedia of Business Ethics and Society, Vol. 4, Sage Publications, 1651-52

“Genes, Nanobots, and the Human Future: High-Tech’s Quest for Moral Responsibility—an Allegory in One Act.”
2000. Professional Ethics, 8, 3 & 4: 101-122

“Notes for a Third Millennial Manifesto: Renewal and Redefinition in Business Ethics.”
2000. Business Ethics Quarterly, 10, 1: 159-168

“The Moral Authority of Transnational Corporate Codes.”
1991. Journal of Business Ethics, 10, 2: 165-177

“Commentary on Business Ethics as a Discipline: The Search for Legitimacy.”
1991. In R. Edward Freeman (ed.), Business Ethics: The State of the Art. Oxford University Press, 57-59

“An Ethics Roundtable: The Culprit is Culture.”
1988. Management Review, August, 48-50

“Toward CSR3: Why Ethical Analysis Is Indispensable and Unavoidable in Corporate Affairs.”
1986. California Management Review, 28, 2: 126-155

“Embedded Values: Prelude to Ethical Analysis.”
1985. In Patricia H. Werhane & Kendall D’Andrade (eds.), Profit and Responsibility: Alternate Contexts for Business Ethics, Edwin Mellen Press, 46-64

On Empirical Research

“Values, Ethics, and Moral Reasoning Among Healthcare Professionals: A Survey.” 
2000. HEC Forum, 12, 2: 124-140. (Coauthors:  David Wasieleski, James Weber)

“The Virtual Reality of Fact vs. Value: A Symposium Commentary.”
1994. Business Ethics Quarterly, 4, 2: 171-174

“Epilogue: Whither Method? And Why?”
1992. Business Ethics Quarterly, 3, 2: 245-246

“The Empirical Quest for Normative Meaning: Introduction and Overview.”
1992. Business Ethics Quarterly, 2, 2: 91-98

“Introduction: The Empirical Dimension of Business Ethics and Values.”
1987. In William C. Frederick (ed.), Research in Corporate Social Performance and Policy, vol. 9. JAI Press, vi-xii

“The Values of Corporate Managers and Their Critics: An Empirical Description and Normative Implications.”
1987. In William C. Frederick (ed.), Research in Corporate Social Performance and Policy, vol. 9. JAI Press, 131-152 (Coauthor: James Weber)

"Public Policy Advertising and the 1980 Presidential Election."
1983. In Lee E. Preston (ed.), Research in Corporate Social Performance and Policy, vol. 5. JAI Press, 59-86. (Coauthor: Mildred S. Myers)

Management Education

La Ensenanza de Direccion de Empresas in Espana (Management Education in Spain).
1969. Madrid: Moneda y Credito. (Coauthor: C. J. Haberstroh)

A Program of Education for Creative Leadership in Business.
1959. University of Kansas City Press. (Coauthor: T. R. Brannen)

Report of the Committee of Inquiry into Post-Graduate Education for Management. 
1970.  Australian Government Publishing Service. (Coauthors: Richard Cyert, Warren Cannon, Ezra Solomon)

Unpublished Ford Foundation monographs on management education in Spain (1967), Italy (1968, 1973), and  Egypt (1971).

“The Business Schools’ Moral Dilemma.” 
2008.  In Diane L. Swanson & Dann G. Fisher (eds.).  In Advancing Business Education in the 21st CenturyGreenwich, CN: Information Age Publishing, Inc.

“Denial and Leadership in Business Ethics Education.”
2005. In Robert A. Peterson & O. C. Ferrell (eds.), Business Ethics: New Challenges for Business Schools and Corporate Leaders, M. E. Sharpe, 222-240. (Coauthor: Diane L. Swanson)

“Are Business Schools Silent Partners in Corporate Crime?”
2003. Journal of Corporate Citizenship, 9, Spring, 24-27. (Coauthor:  Diane L. Swanson)

“Campaign AACSB: Are Business Schools Complicit in Corporate Corruption?”
2002-2003. Journal of Individual Employment Rights, 10, 2: 151-165. (Coauthor: Diane L. Swanson)

“Business and Society Curriculum: Suggested Guidelines for Accreditation.”
1977. AACSB Bulletin, 13, 3: 1-5

“Education for Social Responsibility: What the Business Schools Are Doing about It."
1977. Liberal Education, 63, 2: 190-203

“Business and Society Curriculum: Current Status and Future Directions.”
1977. In Bruce V. MacLeod & Douglas R. Haines (eds.), MAACBA 1977 Area Reports (Middle Atlantic Association of Colleges of Business Administration)

“The Cultural Matrix of Business Education.”
1964. In John J. Clark & Blaise J. Opulente (eds.), Professional Education for Business, St. Johns University Press

“Are Business Schools Really Necessary?”
1963. California Management Review, 5, 4: 85-89

Business & Nature

Values, Nature, and Culture in the American Corporation.
1995. Oxford University Press

The Corporation: Nature’s Black Box”
2006. Corporation, Be Good! The Story of Corporate Social Responsibility

“Hard-wired Management Morality: Coalitional Crime at Enron, WorldCom, Tyco, and HealthSouth”
Corporation, Be Good! The Story of Corporate Social Responsibility

“The Evolutionary Firm and Its Moral (Dis)Contents.” 
2004. In R. Edward Freeman & Patricia H. Werhane (eds.), Business, Science, and Ethics, Ruffin Series No. 4, Society for Business Ethics, 145-176

“T2 + D2 + E2 = ISCT-II: A Biocultural Guide to Social Contract”
November 13, 2004.  Conference on Contractarian Approaches to Business Ethics: The Evolution of Integrated Social Contracts Theory.  The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. 

“Emergent Management Morality: Explaining Corporate Corruption.”
2003. Emergence 5, 1: 5-35.  Now Emergence: Complexity and Organization

“Evolutionary Social Contracts.”
2002. Business and Society Review,  107, 3: 283-308.  (Coauthor:  David M. Wasieleski)

“Pragmatism, Nature, and Norms.”
2000. Business and Society Review, 105, 4: 467-479

“Seeking Common Ground: A Response to Dunfee.”
2000. Business and Society Review, 105, 4: 502-504

“Nature’s Place in Legal and Ethical Reasoning: An Interactive Commentary on William Frederick’s Values, Nature, and Culture in the American Corporation.” 
1999. American Business Law Journal, 36, 4: 633-670. (Coauthors:  Robbin Derry, Timothy L. Fort, Nancy Hauserman)

“An Appalachian Coda: The Core Values of Business.”
1999. Business & Society, 38, 2:  206-211

“Relativism, Feminism, and Theology: A Naturalist Response.”
1999. Business & Society, 38, 2: 237-245

“Nature and Business Ethics.”
1999. In Robert E. Frederick & Edward Petry (eds.).  A Companion to Business Ethics.  Blackwell, 100-111

“Creatures, Corporations, Communities, Chaos, Complexity:  A Naturological View of the Corporate Social Role.”
1998. Business & Society, 37, 4: 358-389

“Economy and Ecology:  More Alike than Different?”
1995. Socioeconomia y Communitarismo.  La Busqueda de Paradigmas Alternativos. Valencia, Spain: Universidad Internacional Menendez y Pelayo

"Anchoring Values in Nature: Toward a Theory of Business Values."
1992. Business Ethics Quarterly, 2, 3: 283-303

Other Topics

“Was Veblen Right About the Future of Business Enterprise.”
1965.  The American Journal of Economics and Sociology, 24, 3: 225-240

“The Next Development in Management Theory.”
1963.  Academy of Management Journal, 6, 3: 212-219

“The Market as a Factor in Economic Growth.”
1960.  Southwestern Social Science Quarterly, 41, 1: 63-71

Other Papers, Unpublished

"Invitation to Eden: The Natural Potentials and Cultural Limitations of Corporate Strategy"
(2009. An exclusive find on this website!)

“Adding the Natural Sciences to Socio-Economic Theory”
July 10, 1999.  Panel presentation:  Annual Conference, The Society for Advancement of Socio-Economics.  Madison, Wisconsin

“Explaining Management Morality: Complexity Theory's Unfinished Agenda”
December 2002. Managing the Complex IV Conference, Institute for the Study of Coherence and Emergence, Fort Myers, Florida.

“Why Not Natural Science?” 
March 8, 1997.  Symposium: Finding a Place for Cosmology, Natural Science, and Religion in Business?  Or Finding Business’s Place in Cosmology, Natural Science, and Religion?  Annual Meeting, International Society for Business and Society.  Destin, Florida

“Planetary Economic Processes: The Missing Component of Socio-Economic Theory” 
July 12, 1996.  8th International Conference, The Society for Advancement of Socio-Economics.  Universite de Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland

“The Ethics of Corporate Downsizing: Greedy Villains?  Or Competitive Tigers?” 
April 9, 1996.  The Hulman Lecture.  University of Evansville, Evansville, Indiana

“Convergent Ethics Analysis: Toward a New Normative Synthesis”
August 5, 1995.  Annual Meeting, The Society for Business Ethics.  Vancouver, British Columbia

“Joining Hands: A Declaration of Socio-Economic Principles To Guide Economic Transition Policies and Programs” 
July 1994.  International Conference, The Society for Advancement of Socio-Economics.  Paris, France. (Coauthor: Kenneth W. Hunter)

“Are SIM and Business Ethics Different Fields?”
August 14, 1994.  Symposium Commentary, Joint Session of The Society for Business Ethics and the Social Issues in Management Division, The Academy of Management.  Dallas, Texas

“Untying the Economy/Ecology Knot: Are We Pulling the Wrong Strings?”
November 3, 1993.  Annual Conference on Business Ethics, R. B. Pamplin College of Business, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityBlacksburg, Virginia

“Social Issues in Management: Coming of Age or Prematurely Gray?” 
August 7, 1992.  Doctoral Consortium, Social Issues in Management Division, Academy of Management.  Las Vegas, Nevada

“The Generic Values of Business: Their Structure and Function in Corporate Culture” 
March 27, 1992.  Symposium: Creating and Maintaining Ethical Work Climates, 4th Annual International Conference, The Society for Advancement of Socio-Economics. University of California-Irvine

“Values, Nature, and Business: An Expansion of Ayresian Thought” 
April 1990.  Association For Institutional Thought.  Portland, Oregon

“Informal Notes on a Strategy for the Study of Values in Business” 
August 14-17, 1985.  Business Ethics Summer Workshop, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University

“Current Empirical Perspectives on Business Ethics and Values”
August 16, 1982.  Symposium, Social Issues in Management Division, The Academy of Management Annual Meeting.  New York, New York

“The New Political Climate: The Issues."
May 20, 1982. An executive conference on Corporate Responsibilities in a New Political Environment: Opportunities and Risks. University of Santa Clara, Santa Clara, California.

“Social Issue Provisions of Collective Bargaining Agreements: 1970-1977” 
May 1981.  Working Paper WP-450, Graduate School of Business, University of Pittsburgh

“Business and Society: An Overview."  
July 1980. Prepared as an entry for Encyclopedia of Economics and Business, Jacob Cohen, editor, Marcel Dekker, Inc., which was never published.

“Social Values, Marketing Theory, and Marketing Practices” 
Undated.  Working Paper WP-313, Graduate School of Business, University of Pittsburgh

“Social Values and Marketing Practices”
August 7, 1978.  Research Frontiers in Marketing: Dialogues and Directions, Marketing Educators Conference.  Chicago, Illinois

“Corporate Social Audit”
June 12-13, 1974.  Workshop: Implementing Social Responsibility, Public Affairs Council.  Boston, Massachusetts

“Current Status of Corporate Social Audit”
May 16, 1974.  Decision Sciences Education and Applications, Northeast Region, American Institute of Decision Sciences, Third Annual Meeting.  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“Technology Assessment and the Corporate Social Audit”
May 17-June 2, 1973.  First International Congress on Technology Assessment.  The Hague, Netherlands

“The Modern Business School: What Businessmen Should Know About It”
March 3, 1965.  Third Annual Conference on Graduate Education for Business Administration, College of Business Administration, Kent State UniversityKent, Ohio

“Future Directions in the Marketing Curriculum”
December 28, 1963.  Proceedings of the Winter Conference, American Marketing Association, 515-524.  Boston, Massachusetts

Book Reviews

Timothy L. Fort.  Business, Integrity, and Peace: Beyond Geopolitical and Disciplinary Boundaries. 
Cambridge University Press, 2007
2010.  Reviewed in Business Ethics Quarterly, 20, 1, January, 134-137.

Robert Audi.  Business Ethics and Ethical Business.
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2001.  Reviewed in Business & Society, 40, 1: 118-124

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January 1976.  Commentary on Lee E. Preston & James E. Post, Private Management and Public Policy;  Dow Votaw & S. Prakash Sethi, The Corporate Dilemma; Alvar O. & Carol J. Elbing, The Value Issue of  Business; Neil Chamberlain, The Limits of Corporate Responsibility; Robert W. Ackerman, The Social Challenge to Management; Phillip I. Blumberg, The Mega-corporation in American Society; and Joe Zalkind, Guide to Corporations: A Social Perspective.  In Academy of Management Review, 1, 1: 99-101

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1959.  Reviewed in Kansas City Star, January 10, p. 16.